South East Asia Consultancy offers a full range of basic accounting services, from producing business plans to management accounts. It can offer everything that a small or medium enterprise needs in order to manage its finance function, thus allowing the management to concentrate on running the business. We offer on-going book-keeping, accounting and taxation services

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Business Plans

We are a consulting firm that will deliver winning business plans to both start-ups and growing ventures. Enterprises need business plans for a variety of reasons, so whether you need it for a presentation to obtain finance or to produce a plan for the future growth and management of your enterprise we can provide it.

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Financial Advice

We are not a financial advisor as defined by UK government regulations. However, we offer a full service on financial matters, such as providing accountancy services and business structure. We are able to give advice on sources of loads and funding, and in South East Asia we are especially aware of the availability of grants

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We can assist any company wishing to do business within south east Asia, Bangladesh and north east India. Our local knowledge means that we can arrange introductions, prepare business plans, give cultural advice and ensure that your initial venture into the market is made smoothly. It is all about relationship building. We can expedite this

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South East Asia Consulting is a result-oriented consulting, research and advisory firm